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The Reset: Detox this Spring Live Video Series

I am excited to invite all of you to my FREE 3-day live video series on the importance of detoxification.

Who would benefit from this series about detoxification? Firstly, any one who wants optimal health and well-being. Secondly, those who have been experiencing lethargy, fogginess, abdominal discomfort or bloating, weight gain or skin issues would also very much benefit. Finally, those who have experienced a number of "unexplainable symptoms," i.e. symptoms that regular doctors are able to diagnose and all blood work comes back as normal would also benefit!

Why would those suffering (or wanting!) any of the above benefit? Well, this series is about the benefits of detoxication - helping your body get rid of harmful toxins and chemicals that may have accumulated in your body, causing the above symptoms. This series will go over the benefits of detoxification as well as walk you through the process of helping your body detox this spring.

My colleague, Dianna Baltimore, and I will share insights over the three nights, starting with why we need to detox, signs and symptoms that you might need to detox, and the most common sources of toxins in today's environment. SPOILER ALERT: They're EVERYWHERE! We will then make sure to explain how our own body's detoxification system works but why we might need to support it sometimes, due to the large amounts of toxins we take in daily. On the second evening, we will discuss how to first get rid of the toxins that your body has already accumulated and then, on the final evening, discuss some ways to move forward that will help optimize your health.

This is not about a juice cleanse or telling you to eat healthier. This series is identifying what very well might be the cause of some of your health complaints and helping you take steps to resolve them for good!

We will also be giving away prizes each evening to registered viewers, that will help with your personal detoxification journey!

This is the season to shed anything that has been holding your health back. It's time to stop feeling tired, lethargic and just overall unwell!

I look forward to seeing you all come April 18-20th! Make sure to register with the link below so that you get access to our live feed to my FaceBook page and YouTube channel (as well as be entered in for a chance to win our goodies!).


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