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New Patients

We are currently accepting new patients. However, as a way to keep everyone safe & healthy, initial consults are virtual and intake visits are now in-person.

To make an appointment with Dr. Alemi, click here.

While the clinic accepts insurance, not all insurance plans cover acupuncture. Please call your insurance plan ahead of time to see if they have acupuncture benefits; if so, ask what those benefits are and if there are any restrictions. Please also check to see if you have an HSA or FSA card, as acupuncture may be a covered health expenditure with these accounts.

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Preparing for Your Visit


For all intakes, we ask that patients fill out the new patient intake forms before arriving for their first in-person treatment. All intake forms are available in the Patient Portal once an acupuncture session has been scheduled online. You will receive an e-mail link or you may access the portal here.

Each session includes an individualized treatment, which will take place in a private, quiet room with heated tables and soothing music to help enhance the experience. Sheets, table paper and pillow coverings are switched between each patient. A thorough wipe down of the rooms is also done before and after each patient.​

You are encouraged to dress comfortably, in a way that the practitioner has access to your upper and lower extremities (i.e. two-piece apparel that can be rolled up). Please make sure to not skip any meals the day of treatment, avoid excessive caffeine consumption and all alcohol consumption the day of and increase your water. 

Day of Visit - What to Expect

Upon arrival, Dr. Alemi will greet you and take you back to a treatment room. At this time, we ask that all patients where a mask upon entry into the clinic and throughout treatment, unless otherwise dictated by Dr. Alemi (such as with proof of vaccination). We also asks that all patients wash and/or sanitize their hands upon arrival. 


Once in the treatment room, there will be a couple of minutes for discussion with the practitioner concerning your symptoms and reason for visit that day. For those first coming in for treatment, please know that acupuncture treatments run around 45 minutes. For the tui na massage, appointments are 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Cosmetic acupuncture treatments may run around 75 minutes.


​Some patients may feel a little tired after treatment while other patients feel a surge of energy. This is why it is recommended not to skip meals the day of. 


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