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Join Us for the 5 Day New Year's Wellness Challenge

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

UPDATE (02/20/2021): While we officially finished the 5 Day New Year's Wellness Challenge, you can check out the videos for each evening on my YouTube Channel, Dr. Sarah Alemi, Acupuncturist at any time!

I am inviting you all to join me this week at 7:00pm EST each evening to celebrate the 2021 Chinese New Year & participate in our 5 Day Wellness Challenge!

I will be streaming live on both YouTube and Facebook, where I will be discussing the traditions behind the Chinese New Year as well as 5-Element acupuncture theory. You can register for free HERE.

What is 5-Element theory? You'll have to join me to find out! But I can tell you that the Chinese zodiac and acupuncture are both based on this philosophical theory of nature and the ways in which the Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth elements show up in life!

Why would you want to hear about this? Well, there are some pretty fun facts in regards to the Chinese New Year and what the Year of the Metal Ox holds in store for all of us in 2021! As for 5-Element theory and its' connection to acupuncture, it's a really helpful way of explaining how a Licensed Acupuncturist like myself is able to see the signs and symptoms you have and put together a theory for treatment!

Even more so, we are going to discuss some of the most common signs that can show up in each Element and recommend some AT-HOME treatments that you could do for yourself! Have anxiety? Insomnia? Tight shoulders? Acid reflux? Headaches? This free video series has you covered!

Starting on Monday, February 15th to Friday, February 19th, each evening we will discuss one of the 5 elements at 7:00pm EST. These videos might not be more then 20 minutes, but they are going to be packed with applicable information!

An even bigger bonus? I will be giving away a prize each night. However, you have got to register HERE in order to be in the drawing!

Something else exciting? Why, yes! There is something else that I have to share! In celebration of the Chinese New Year, I am also offering a Buy 1, Get 1 21% off on regular acupuncture and cosmetic acupuncture treatments. This offer is valid from February 12th-February 19th.

So, Remember:

Register HERE and join me at 7pm each evening this week, February 15-19th.

If you register, not only will you be sent the link for viewing the live video but you will automatically be entered to win a prize each night.

Make Sure to Tune in the Week of the 15th (THIS WEEK!)

You never know if a symptom or ailment that you or a loved one is experiencing will be discussed, because - if so - you could get some really good tips on how to help treat it at home as well as understand how I might be able to help you treat it in the clinic. Plus, more prizes!

Finally, make use of the New Year Discount!

Any regular or cosmetic acupuncture purchase, you can purchase a second one for 21% off in honor of 2021. And because you took the time to read this newsletter all of the way to the bottom: If you refer a new patient OR leave me a review on Yelp (, you will get 21% off your next visit. I know. I'm going a little crazy but why not! It's time to celebrate!

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