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Virtual Facial Treatments

During this pandemic, we are unable to offer full acupuncture facial rejuvenation treatments, in addition to facial cupping and gua sha. However, thanks to technology, we are now offering Virtual Facial Treatments that cover an intake and 1-on-1 directions for either using a dermaroller at home, as well as incorporating facial cupping gua sha and cupping into your weekly skin care routine.







During a virtual facial treatment, Dr. Alemi will start with an intake that covers not only the concerns that you have regarding your skin, face and any outward signs of aging, but also a brief health history. From there, your daily and weekly skincare routines will be discussed. At the end of this intake, recommendations on your skincare routine as well as lifestyle recommendations will be given. 

From the intake, you will then be able to discuss incorporating in either the use of A) dermaroller B) facial cupping or C) facial gua sha into your skincare routine. Which one you will like to go over and cover with be confirmed prior to the virtual visit, so that all participants can have the right tools on hand. 

The time going over actual treatments will have both patient and practitioner going over the benefits and contraindications of the chosen treatment, use and care of the chosen treatment tool(s), and then a demonstration with the chosen treatment tool. The patient will be encouraged to partake in the demonstration, while watching the practitioner. Any questions regarding recommendations or the treatment can be answered after this. 

A video showing Dr. Alemi giving a demonstration on herself will then be sent to the patient after the virtual visit has ended, for future reference. 

Not only does this virtual visit allow the patient to receive recommendations for their particular life and skincare needs, but it also includes a real-time treatment (by undertaking in the demonstration, or mimicking the practitioner as they use their tool) as well as a reference for future treatments that can be done at home. 

Virtual facial treatment visits can be a great way for those with skin or aging concerns to seek effective treatment without having to leave their house. Just as with the other services offered at Eastern Roots Wellness, it is completely customized for the particular patient. These visits are also great for those who have and potentially will come in for facial acupuncture treatments to utilize, as a way to supplement the treatments. 

It is important to note that virtual facial treatments are not just a service for those with concerns related to signs of aging; those with skeletal-muscular issues, like TMJ, those suffering from Bells Palsy or even post-stroke symptoms in the face can benefit greatly from a virtual facial treatment visit. Facial cupping and gua sha are fantastic ways to help with blood circulation, rigidity and/or flaccidity, and restoring the face to proper balance and movement. 

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