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Information for New Patients


After careful consideration, Eastern Roots Wellness will slowly start to accept new patients for acupuncture, cupping and gua sha.

In order to do so in a way that mitigates as much transmission of the current virus as possible, there will be a few changes to how the initial intake and consult works. All new patients looking to come in for treatment will have an initial intake and consult online, via either Zoom or FaceTime. This initial meeting can be scheduled directly by new patients online; all are more then welcome to contact the clinic directly as well for scheduling an appointment.

Once your have scheduled an initial appointment, the clinic will reach out to you in order to send out a new patient intake form to be filled out prior to the online appointment.

By conducting the initial meeting online, both practitioner and potential patient will be able to get a better sense of the other, without restrictions placed on the face or touch! Should you like to move forward with treatment, the actual in-person treatment will then be scheduled.

In person treatments will consists of 30 minutes of actual treatment time plus an additional 10-15 minutes of discussing any changes that might have occurred from the intake to treatment day, as well as stationary cupping as needed. This cuts down on the contact time but also the discomfort that can come from having lengthy discussions in a mask!

It is hoped that this will allow all new patients to feel more comfortable coming in for treatment, having met the practitioner before hand as well as a way to keep everyone safe and healthy!

As always, never hesitate to contact the office with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your understanding!

Dr. Sarah Alemi, DAc, LAc, ADS

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