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Welcome to Eastern Roots Wellness

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

I would like to welcome you to Eastern Roots Wellness, a Chinese medicine clinic in the heart of Northern Virginia. My name is Dr. Sarah Faggert Alemi and I am a licensed acupuncturist in both Maryland and Virginia. I received my Masters of acupuncture in 2016 and my Doctorate of acupuncture in 2017 from the Maryland University of Integrative Health (fka TAI SOPHIA). During my education I also gained certification as a NADA acudetox specialist and specialized training in facial rejuvenation with acupressure and acupuncture.

I wound up studying Chinese medicine after I developed panic attacks and insomnia during the time I worked in public policy around late 2009. After numerous doctors were unable to offer me a solution, I found a holistic practitioner who explained that perhaps the stress and dissatisfaction with my career choice were negatively affecting my body; my body's "displeasure" was manifesting as the panic attacks and insomnia. I started receiving acupuncture treatments in 2009 and found myself enrolled in an acupuncture and Chinese medicine program in 2012!

Once I began receiving regular acupuncture treatments, along with the use of a Chinese herbal formula, I noticed that I no longer had panic attacks and I have better sleep. I also had developed allergies around 2008, in which the symptoms for are now under control. I had tried weekly allergy shots for two years to no avail so only having to take some herbs when I feel my symptoms coming on is fantastic! I was also fortunate enough to find a mentor in Arthur Fan, LAc, CMD - who took me on as a clinical assistant in 2014. I now work for him as a colleague at his practice at the McLean Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine. From him, I was able to pick up on styles of acupuncture different than those I learned in school. While I was able to learn Chinese herbs and a neurological approach to acupuncture through him, I also was able to learn under the guidance of another licensed acupuncturist, Jennifer Yeh, as well. Under her mentorship, I learned different approaches to treating infertility and working with gynecological disorders. I am excited to have been exposed to and educated in multiple acupuncture styles. Not everyone responds to the same treatment and style so having various styles under my belt with be of great help with working with patients.

I currently practice at the McLean Center in Vienna, Virginia and am grateful to have the support that I do from other practitioners in the area. I specialize in facial rejuvenation, body work, women's health and mental and emotional conditions, such as anxiety, stress and depression. However, I have had experience treating a wide range of conditions and find that being able to offer all of the tools of Chinese medicine (i.e. not just acupuncture, but also moxibustion, cupping, herbs, tui na, etc.) allows me to address most conditions.

I look forward to serving you and hope that I can relief some of your symptoms as well as pass on any relevant information that I myself have learned as Chinese medicine is a holistic and collaborative practice - both patient and practitioner are responsible for the health and well-being of the patient.

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