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Facial Acupuncture - Not Just for Wrinkles

A recent study from the Traditional Chinese Medicine department at People's Hospital in Shanxi found that acupuncture, combined with topical herbs, is effective for the treatment of facial paralysis (Shouquan, 2018).

The researchers studied acupuncture's effectiveness in a group of participants with Bell's Palsy, who had current facial paralysis. The patients were randomly assigned to one of two groups: one receiving just acupuncture and one receiving acupuncture and topical herbs. Each group had local acupuncture points as well as additional, traditional acupuncture points added - based on their underlying constitution (i.e. are they deficient, excess etc.)

The group receiving just acupuncture treatment had a 76.92% efficacy rate while those receiving both acupuncture and topical herbs for the face had a 97.44% effective rate. Either way, Traditional Chinese Medicine showed to be an effective treatment for facial paralysis.

It should be noted that actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie opened up in the 2017 September issue of Vanity Fair about having developed Bell's Palsy and that it was acupuncture that helped her make a full recovery.

One acupuncturist declares that acupuncture, "...stops pain, relaxes the facial paralysis, brings the feeling back through the nerve endings, stops the drooling and tearing and helps the eye close again. This protocol essentially returns the face back to normal in one-third the time of any other treatment I have seen for this disorder (Andrew Pacholyk, LAc.)."

Of course, it is not just facial paralysis resulting from Bell's Palsy that acupuncture has been found effective treatment for, even though it's one of the most common disorders affecting the facial nerve. Facial paralysis resulting from a myriad of conditions, such as stroke, has been found to be relieved by acupuncture treatment.

Facial acupuncture is unique in that it helps to not only "turn back the clock" by helping the external appearance of the face, but that it also strengthens muscles, nerves and circulation in the face as well as in the rest of the body as well. Local and distal points are used to address the patient's individual concern as well as their individual constitution (i.e. what is there overall health like and what other conditions may be going on).

So while some may seek facial acupuncture for wrinkle reduction, others can find themselves relieved of drooping eyelids and bent mouths. Everyone benefits externally as well as internally with overall improved blood and lymphatic circulation, stress relief, and muscle stimulation.

Not just beautiful from the inside out, but healthy and glowing externally and internally!

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