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Acupuncture Modulates Immunity in Sepsis: Toward a Science-Based Protocol

It might be known that acupuncture can be used for pain relief, but did you know that acupuncture can help boost and regulate the immune system?

Not only is acupuncture effective at bolstering the immune system, it has been proven effective at helping the body to fight off and recover from severe infections, including the current coronavirus and other conditions that might arise from a severe case of COVID - like sepsis.

A few researchers and I just had an article published that covers how acupuncture is able to regulate the body's immune system in a way that allows for recovery from severe infections and the injury that it afflicts on our organ systems. It is able to do so in a way that does not include chemicals or drugs with adverse side effects either.

The article discusses the way in which the immune system responds during a severe case of COVID as well as how issues like sepsis can arise. We then discuss the multiple ways in acupuncture is able to regulate our immune system so that it can fight off the infection without overreacting and causing even greater damage. Even more exciting? An example of a study with actual points used is included, allowing for more practitioners to hopefully be able to work with patients suffering from COVID or other debilitating respiratory infections and/or organ failure.

Use the link below to take you to the full article.

Let me know what you think!

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